1331 Belle Avenue - Utica, NY 13501
315.724.CWSI (2974)
Does your business have a professional appearance both inside and out?

With CWSI, you will get..

New, freshly-painted, rust resistant containers. All containers are replaced when becoming to heavily damaged. Our containers are regularly painted, washed and deodorized onsite. When the container becomes overloaded we will empty within one hour of your call. Our drivers will also exit their trucks to pick up any trash that falls during pickups.
Serving residential, commercial & industrial customer since 2004
Currently serving Oneida and Herkimer counties
Open-Top Roll-Off containers in sizes: 10,20,30,& 40 cu. yd.
Closed-Top Commercial and Industrial Roll-Off Containers and Compactor Units
Commercial Front Load Contains in sizes: 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 cu. yd.
Locally-owned & operated - your money goes back to your community
No hidden fees or surprises on you invoice
No fluctuating Fuel Surcharges assessed
No fluctuating Environmental Surcharges assessed
Live telephone operators to resolve questions or concerns
Phone calls that are answered locally and not rerouted to call centers
Drivers that exit their trucks to pick up any fallen debris during pickup
No "Shake & Drop" of overloaded containers to loosen debris
Because of all the above, CWSI enjoys a 98.2% customer retention rate!
That means that of all of our recurring monthly accounts, only 1.8% has elected not to renew their contracts.
CWSI has never lost a customer because of poor quality of service.
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