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Our Residential Waste Services


We offer weekly, and monthly collection with complete recycling services. Container sizes of 35, 64, or 96 gallons are available your convenience.  Billing is done monthly and senior citizen discounts are offered. Our Residential Waste Services are offered in Oneida County. 

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Why Use CWSI for Garbage Collection?

There are many reasons to use Valley Waste Service for your residential waste collection needs.

   No Extra Fees
            Others charge admin fees, delivery fees, setup fees and more!

   Local Family Owned Company
            With the other guys, your $ is headed out of the area.

   Multiple Waste Removal Services
            Curbside pickup, recycling, trash drop-off and dumpsters available.




Easy Curbside Recycling

With CWSI’s residential recycling, you can put all of your approved recyclables into a single container for clean, easy recycling. 

Our single bin recycling is easy.This upgraded container is available at no extra charge in some areas.


More space to collect recyclables

   No need to sort your paper, plastic and metals

   Sanitary, easy to move and convenient with lid and wheels