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Frequently Asked Questions

What time does my trash/recycling need to be at the curb?

Trash and recyclables need to be at the curb by midnight the night before your scheduled collection day.

Does trash inside my cart have to be bagged?

We do recommend bagging your trash so that it can be cleanly dumped by our drivers/trucks. Our drivers will not reach down into the cart or can to remove stuck/frozen trash.

Can I dispose of electronics in my trash?
State regulations require electronics (TV’s, Computers, Printers) be properly recycled. Please contact us for additional information.
Can I dispose of paint in my trash?

Paint may be placed out with your regular trash if it is solidified. Sawdust, sand or kitty litter may be used to help dry it out. Alternatively, hardware stores that carry paint also sell packets of powder that will harden paint in minutes.

Where should I place my trash can and recycling bin?
  • Trash Cart: Use trash bags and keep lid closed. Drivers will not reach into carts to remove items frozen to the bottom,
  • Recycle Bin:  Place items directly into bins(s) (NO PLASTIC BAGS).  See the recycle chart for instructions.
  • Place cart on a level area with no more than 3 ft. from the street with wheels away from street and lid opening to the street. Keep 3 ft. away from any object such as a mailbox, vehicle, tree, basketball hoop, etc.
  • Keep 2 feet away from any additional cart so the truck’s arm can go around each cart.
  • Please be sure that no overhead wires or tree branches interfere with lifting the carts vertically. Carts placed too close to any object or an overhead obstruction will not be picked up due to the liability of damage to the object. Please DO NOT deface the cart. Additional charges may apply for the replacement of a cart damaged or defaced by a customer.
What holidays might affect my collection day?

Please check our Pickup Schedule page to see how the holiday may affect your pickup.

How do I dispose of a refrigerator or air conditioner?

You will need to contact us before setting these types of items out for collection. All freon must be removed from these types of appliances. Due to federal regulations appliances containing Freon or other chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) must be certified prior to disposal that no gas remains in the appliance. A certified technician can do this for you.